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Graduation Requirements

By the end of their tenth grade year, students must decide which path toward graduation they would like to take.  Students have two diploma options for graduation, TOPS or JUMP START.



TOPS University Pathway Curriculum       TOPS TECH Jump Start Pathway Curriculum


English Classes (4 required)                                 English Classes (4 required)

English I, English II, English III, English IV                                  English I, English II, Technical English, Business English


Math Classes (4 required)                                     Math Classes (4 required)

Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Adv. Math                                  Algebra I, Math Essentials, Technical Math, Financial Literacy


Social Studies Classes (4 required)                      Social Studies Classes (2 required)

Civics, US History, World Geography, World History                   Civics, US History


Science Classes (4 required)                                 Science Classes (2 required)

Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Biology II, Physics            Physical Science or Environmental Science, Biology


Physical Education (2 required)                              Physical Education (2 required)

.5 credits of Health, 1.5 Credits of PE                                            .5 credits of Health, 1.5 Credits of PE


Foreign Language (2 required)                              Electives (9 required)

Spanish I, Spanish II                                                             Must Complete a Jump Start Pathway

                                                                                              Must include at least one Career Course

Art (1 required)                                                               Successful completion of Industry Based Certifications

Fine Arts Survey, Art, Chorus, Band                                       are required based on the pathway that you choose.


Electives (3 required)    

Student's Choice


24 Credits Total Required for Graduation       23 Credits Total Required for Graduation