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Emergency Medical Tech

Emergency Medical Technician

In emergency medical situations, the entry level healthcare provider is the EMT, or Emergency Medical Technician.  The EMT provides initial care that is followed up by a higher level provider such as a Paramedic.


The EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN Jump Start pathway is a Statewide pathway. To graduate, students must:

1) pass 9 Carnegie credits of courses from this pathway;

2) including at least one Career Readiness course (one Carnegie credit); and

3) attain one statewide credential (or the LCTCS equivalent certificate/diploma).


The EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN Jump Start pathway gives students the opportunity to receive training and the statewide credential EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONDER to prepare for further training in this area.  Students who follow the courses in this pathway, and successfully earn at least the statewide credential EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONDER will have an inside track towards qualifying for jobs in the emergency medical arena which provide advanced training in emergency medical response.  Local employers such as Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc. provide opportunities for employment. These opportunities involve advanced on-the-job training in this area.


Starting salaries for jobs in the Emergency Medical Technician field range from $16,000 - $21,000 per year.  As EMTs advance in their careers through experience and training, opportunities for advancement to higher positions in the field with higher salaries become available to them.