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Public Service

The Public Service graduation pathway is a Regional pathway. Students must:

1) pass 9 Carnegie credits of courses from this pathway; 2) including at least one Career Readiness course (one Carnegie credit); 3) attain one Core credential (or the LCTCS equivalent certificate / diploma); and 4) two Complementary credentials.

High-Demand Careers Related to this Pathway 5 Star: Lawyer 4 Star: Correctional Officer and Jailer, First-Line Superivor of Correctional Officers, First-Line Supervisor of Police and Detectives, Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officer, Probational Officer, Correctional Treatment Specialist, Dispatcher 3 Star: Court, Municipal and License Clerk, Police, Fire, and Ambulance Dipatcher Starting Salary Ranges for this Pathway $20,000 - $21,000

Recommended Course Progression